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About Us

Happy Pet CBD is comprised of two independent retail brands: Kriser’s and Chuck & Don’s. While each one supports a unique region of the country, we all share a common philosophy that pets - just like people - need to be physically, mentally and emotionally cared for to live their best lives.

Through extensive research and study, we developed the 5 Pillars of Pet Wellness. These pillars (Nourishment, Play, Comfort, Companionship, Purpose) are the driving force behind everything we do - from the products we sell like CBD and healthy foods to the services we provide including grooming, daycare and vet.

We’ve pooled our expertise and resources to create Happy Pet CBD - the most comprehensive source for quality CBD products and education on the market. All of the brands we offer are members of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). The NASC promotes the health and wellbeing of companion animals taking supplements and also monitors the health supplement industry to create a safe, fair and responsible ecosystem.

Let us know how we can help. Or stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. You can get our same level of commitment for everything dog and cat related at any of our stores – be it online or in person.