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Help your pet enjoy this summer as much as you with these Noseworthy products that are all about creating a calming environment.


This liquid blend of valerian root, passion flower and oats helps to relieve anxiety, promote relaxation and curb anxious or “bad” behaviors like barking and whining.  This is recommended for dogs or cats and works great to relieve separation anxiety, travel anxiety, visits to the groomer or vet or just adapting to new surroundings.


This is another excellent liquid drop that helps relieve anxiety, promote relaxation and curb anxious behavior your pet may be having due to loud noises, separation, or some other type of anxiety.  Drops can be administered directly into mouth, in food, treats, water or even rubbed on the tips of their ears, nose or paws.  If that proves difficult, you can always just hold his or her mouth shut and lift the lip to apply the drops directly to the gum line!


These are some of Kriser’s favorite supplements, because they are just so easy to serve up to your furry friends. These pill-free supplements come in individual packets of consommé-like liquid that are designed to be LICKed directly from the packet or added to the food or a separate bowl either at home or on the go. The amazing taste means your pet will lick it all up, leading to 98% absorption rate! They are Made in the USA with an exceptional blend of natural ingredients.

Through July 4th, you can get 20% off our entire selection of LICKS Pill-Free supplements. Choose from: Skin and Allergy + Shiny Coat, ElderDog or ZEN (in 2 flavors) for dogs and Hairball, Urinary Tract Care, ZEN or Immunity (in select locations only) for cats!


We love the Pet Remedy plug-in diffuser because it is oh so easy to help your pet relax at home! If you love aromatherapy, then this is a great option.  Just plug it into the wall to create a calming environment. Sweet basil oil gently relieves nervousness and stress by helping clear the mind and relieve mental fatigue. Spanish sage oil helps relax nervousness and excitability. The oils give off a subtle calming herbal aroma, helping your pet relax. Each plug-in bottle lasts up to 8 weeks.


Thunder Shirt is another awesome product to help calm your pet during stressful situations. Just like swaddling a crying baby, the thunder shirt wraps around your pet to apply gentle, constant pressure to your dog or cat’s body which helps relieve anxiety and significantly slow their heart rate to a normal level.